Knitted Composite Geotextile

Knitted Composite Geotextile is a combination of non woven geotextile layer and high tenacity polyester yarn. The geotextile serves as a filter/separator in which retains soil particles in place or to separate it from intermixing of distinct soils or different materials while the polyester yarn provides good performance of high tensile strength.  Compared to other option, the use of Geocomposite significantly reduces the cost of constructions such as in retaining wall systems, railroad foundations, paved/unpaved roads etc


  • Retaining Earth
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Embankment on Soft Soil
  • Reinforcement of Road/Railway Constructions

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective substitute for thick layers of coarse-grained soil in drainage applications, providing savings on materials, transportation installation and airspace.
  • Preserves aggregate resources for structural applications where alternative materials can’t be used
  • Three functions in one unit: filtration, drainage and protection.
  • Rapid installation in comparison to conventional soil drainage layers
  • Wide range of product combinations allows performance driven product selection at an economical price
  • Chemical and biological inert, which provides long life in harsh environments