Geogrid is available in two types of product i.e Plastic Geogrid and Polyester Geogrid. Plastic Geogrid is a high tensile strength geogrid that is made of polypropylene, it is produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating, longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching  while Polyester Geogrid is a Wrap Knitting Polyester Geogrid that is made of polyester fibers as raw material that adopts industrial high strength, high modulus with low shrinkage. All products are resistant to biological degradation and natural effect of chemicals, alkaline or acid.


  • Stabilization or reinforcement of soft soil
  • Retaining earth walls, embankments, slopes, sub-bases or subsoils
  • below roads or structures etc.


  • Improving bearing capacity of foundation
  • Preventing cracking and subsiding
  • Convenient to construct, reducing working cost
  • Light-weight, flexible and quick to installss